Terms and Conditions

Our Cancellation Policy

All of our employed staff are on fixed hours contracts – that means, they are paid the same each month, whether they are working or not, which allows them to know they are making a fair and consistent wage each month. We deliberately do this as its at our core to support our team in every way possible which, in turn, gives us the best staff retention rates in the cleaning industry, which then translates to a reliable, consistent service to our customers as much as possible.

Please note that if service is cancelled between 24hrs and 48hrs before the clean is due to start, we will charge 50% of the clean. Any clean cancelled less than 24hrs before the clean is due to start, or if we are unable to access the home upon arrival, the clean will be charged in full.

We will always try to help by offering alternative times, days or cleaners, subject to availability.

Start times

There is an arrival window of 1hr either side of your scheduled start time. Most of the time, we won’t need to use this and we will be with you at the quoted time, but we do need to account for those rare times.

If your clean is the first clean of the day, we won’t start any earlier than we currently do.

If this policy potentially causes issues due to no-one being at home, we are happy to hold a key for you. If you want to know more about our comprehensive key holding policy, please let me know. We currently hold keys for over 50% of our customers.

Clean durations

We appreciate that sometimes a clean can take a bit longer than usual, and sometimes we get everything done just that bit quicker than usual. Our experience over 1000s of hours of cleaning in people’s homes is that these tend to average out over time. For this reason, we will bill for your quoted amount, even if we slightly go over your normal clean duration, or we get things done slightly quicker. If we routinely take longer than quoted, or routinely get done in less time, then we are more than happy to make a change to your cleaning duration – just let us know.

If you decide on the day of the clean that you don’t need us for the full duration, unfortunately we will have to invoice for the usual amount. This is again due to us not being able to fill that extra time where we aren’t required with you.


If there is no dedicated on site parking available, time spent parking, and carrying equipment etc to the home is included in the visit time.

Unpaid Invoices

Any unpaid invoices will have a reminder sent out after 48hrs, and at 7 days overdue, a £10 late payment fee will be added, and then a further £10 will be added for every additional 7 days overdue. After 1 month, the debt will be passed on to third party for recovery, including incurred costs, and interest


As a protection for Trusted Cleaning, it is a condition that any cleaner contracted by Trusted Cleaning will not be allowed to offer services to any client of Trusted Cleaning, outside of their normal contractual obligations to Trusted Cleaning. Likewise it should be understood that no customer of Trusted Cleaning will be able to enter into a contractual relationship with any cleaner contracted by Trusted Cleaning. These conditions shall apply for the duration of the cleaning service given and for a minimum period of 6 months after any termination of employment between Trusted Cleaning and any employee and any termination of services between Trusted Cleaning and the Customer.


  1. We do not perform deep chemical cleans on ovens. We use professional domestic products, and can clean the typical weekly build-up of grease.
    2. Our terms of insurance do not allow our cleaners to stand on any furniture in order to undertake any cleaning duties. We will make use of mini stepladders, long handled feather dusters and long reach vacuum hoses to overcome most issues. The maximum elevated height at which we can work is 1 metre.
    3. We always provide the same cleaner for regular cleans. If they are sick or on holiday, we can often provide a stand in, and will discuss this with you on a case by case basis.
    4. If you or any member of your family (who will be home during the clean) are ill with anything contagious, please contact us to rearrange your clean. We will not clean in a property where our cleaners may catch an illness.
    5. For regular cleaning, a 24 hour notice period is necessary for cancellations. Anything less than this will be charged at the normal cleaning rate. For One Off Cleans, a 48 hour notice period is required for all cancellations. Any cancellations after this will be charged at 50% of quotation, or £50, whichever is greater.
    6. The property must be safe for our work to be carried out.
    7. We will not engage in the cleaning of any property that has been smoked in.
    8. We do not use bleach as a cleaning product. If you request the use of bleach, please note that the use of such products falls outside of the terms of our insurance.
    9. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure timely access to the property for the clean. If access is not available, our staff will wait 10 minutes in case someone can give us access, and if this is not possible, will leave. Any delay will count towards the billable time. If the cleaner has to leave, due to no access, we will charge in full.
    10. We will require access to running water and electricity throughout the clean.
    11. We reserve the right to take anonymous “before and after” photos of the clean for training and marketing purposes.
    12. We will always aim to finish the entire clean within the allotted time, however we advise that you provide a priority list of areas needing cleaning. This ensures that if we are unable to finish the entire clean within the allotted time, the key areas will have been done.
    13. We do not work on Bank Holidays or over the Christmas period, unless otherwise arranged.
    14. We cannot carry out any “personal care” duties. We will not clean in properties where human or animal faeces or other bodily waste is present. These, and other bio-hazards are not covered by our training or by our insurance. If we are not made aware of any of the above situations before attendance, we will not carry out any cleaning and will charge in full.
    15. We have a zero tolerance policy on verbal or physical abuse towards our staff. Any cleans that have to be cancelled due to this will be charged as normal, and will be investigated fully.

We have a 24hr notice period for all regular cleaning, and 48hrs for all one off cleaning and no long term contracts that need to be signed. Any cancellations under these will be charged in full.

By agreeing to start the cleaning service, you agree to the above Terms & Conditions.


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      We use pet friendly cleaners as your pet is a valued member of your family.


      Your time is important to us. We will always be there for our appointment.


Founded in 2010 as Trusted Home Cleaning, we quickly built a reputation as the leading providers of domestic cleaning. Our continuous pursuit for perfection has resulted in consistent growth each year. Our focus is to listen to our clients.


We care about cleaning your home, and we will either “get it right” or “put it right”


We cover all of NR29, NR30, NR31, NR32, NR33 and NR34 for Regular or One Off cleans.


Are you moving out or moving in a new home? Let us help you clean and take care of your property.


We’re even able to provide additional services such as Ironing.


      Easy payments via credit or debit card, handled by Stripe, the world leaders for online payments


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    M Ankers, Lowestoft
  • The cleaner's name was Pauline and I told her I did not expect a miracle. I just left her to it and she managed to perform one anyway. Pauline is an excellent cleaner and very pleasant and reliable person!

    E. Brianton, Great Yarmouth
  • Truly grateful for Emma and she is so lovely . The house hasn't been so clean for years! Thank you!

    F. Cowan, Bradwell
  • If you are looking for a professional cleaning company but are a little apprehensive, then you need look no further!

    L. Cutcher, Fleggburgh
  • By far the best cleaning company in the area. First class professionalism, combined with a caring and empathetic approach, which provides a climate of confidence for both those using the service and those who provide it

    A. Coffey, Gorleston